Common Roofing Issues That Lead to Animal Infestation

Common Roofing Issues That Lead to Animal Infestation

How do animals get in the attic? Sometimes, it’s from sudden damage, like the type that results from a storm. Other times, pests take advantage of weaknesses in your roofing caused by improper roof maintenance. The one constant is, they get in through a weak or damaged roof. But the good news is, we’re going to teach you how to protect your roof to prevent an animal infestation in your attic.

Below is a list of common roofing issues that create an entry point for pests. Read on to learn what causes these problems so you can keep them from happening.

1. Damage From Stormy Weather

heavy storm can rip the shingles off of your roof or cause a tree branch to crash down upon it. The small holes left behind by this storm damage make surprisingly easy entryways for pests like bats and mice. 

Once the opening is big enough for them to fit through, your house becomes theirs. All it takes for the infestation to begin is for one pregnant pest to squirm its way into your house. Then, in addition to getting your roof repaired, you’ll need professionals to handle your animals in an attic removal project.

2. Poorly Installed/Maintained Roofing

Here are 4 pictures of common issues we see. When these “detailed areas” are not done correctly, they will invite animals into the attic. These areas need to have metal flashings above the gutter to cover the exposed wood and the wood “soffit” needs to be tight to the shingles. 

3. Damage From Birds

Certain bird species, like woodpeckers, will intentionally peck away at your roof. Believe it or not, though, bird droppings can also eat away at your roofing material.

This is more likely to happen if there are a lot of birds in you area and you lack sufficient rainfall to wash the droppings away. If that sounds like your situation, you’ll need to wash the roof yourself every once in a while.

Also, don’t let birds nest on your roof. It may seem cute, but it will trap moisture and bird droppings against your roof and damage it.

4. Mice and Rats Gnawing Their Way In

Mice and rats have powerful gnawing abilities. The good news is, a properly maintained roof should keep them out.

However, the slightest amount of roof damage could allow them access. For instance, a shingle peeled off by high winds, or roofing softened by trapped moisture, might be weak enough for rodents to gnaw through.

5. Squirrels Leaping to Your Roof

Mice and rats are decent climbers, but some roofs are still too hard or too inconvenient for them to reach. But where mice won’t go, squirrels will. They can even leap to your roof from a branch that’s 9 feet away!

And trust us. If you have squirrels infesting your house, you’ll want to get rid of them immediately. Their nest (that is, your attic) will smell very bad due to their extremely pungent urine.

6. Poorly-Sealed Vents and Windows

Other easy entry points for pests are vents and windows. That’s especially true if they were installed incorrectly or have been there a very long time. Pests will exploit the weaknesses of worn-out, poorly-sealed openings such as these.

Watch Out For These Common Roofing Issues

Don’t let animals wreak havoc in your house. Keep them out of your attic by protecting against these common roofing issues.

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