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Most leaks occur at flashings. As you can imagine, water hitting the side of a wall will find one small area to leak into. We find these leaks in the step flashing, counter flashing, corner flashing or the siding itself. Water gets behind the siding and runs down the wall. The best time to change flashings and fix problem areas is when installing a new roof. We are already taking things apart and will address leakage issues. Most storm-chasing roofing companies don’t focus on detail work, they only focus on selling a “free” roof with a “lifetime warranty” with an architectural shingle, but know by the time the roof leaks, they will be long gone. With this house we not only added a new roof but addressed leaking water at the flashing, meaning this home will be nice and dry for years to come!


Here is an example of detailed work. This is a new roof being installed in Liberty Township Ohio.new roof installation