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Exposed loose nail & end is open for animals to enter into the attic.
typical aluminum ridge vent.
exposed nails on both sides of the ridge vent.
Ridge vent before we seal exposed nails & screws.


We get a lot of calls about roof leaks. I’m sure most roofing companies do! It is the nature of this business. The thing about roofing, is that one small overlooked issue will eventually leak. From wind driven rain to frozen ice expanding then thawing on the roof, mother nature will find & expose the smallest defect or faulty workmanship on a roof & reveal an issue. Roofing “in theory” is simple, everything( shingles, nails, etc..) are overlapping each other to shed water away to the gutters. Some areas are crucial to do correctly since they see the most amount of weather. Ridgevents are one of those areas. Builders typically use aluminum ridge vents since they are inexpensive & quickly installed, but they leave the homeowner with many potential problems years after for the homeowners. It should be no surprise that builders use these & we realize that fixing these vents are pretty good for our business, since we get a lot of these service calls.

The issue with these vents, are three main things.

(1) They typically have exposed nails on both sides on the vent, every foot or so down the entire peak of the roof. ~70-140 exposed nails on a roof peak is just asking for leaks.

(2) The ends are typically wide open for birds & squirrels to enter into the attic. They make foam or rubber end stoppers, but most builder’s sub-contractors don’t have time to fiddle with those small things, or they just forget. Sometimes they are on the ends, but wind has removed them.

(3) They simply blow apart in heavy winds. They are aluminum, so they are a soft metal & not that strong.

In these pictures you can see there designs & how they are attached.


The ridge vents we recommend are the 4′ heavy plastic shingle over style that leave no nails exposed. If you do have the aluminum type, we recommend a basic roof service call, for about $100 on most houses, we will seal all the nails on all the vents & take pictures for you to see.