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½" OSB decking in Newtown Ohio
½" Plywood roof decking in Indian Hill.
Removing areas of bad wood that had slow roof leaks in Milford Ohio


It is very important to remove all of the old roofing materials and make sure that your roof decking is in good shape before installing a new roof. Back in the day, it was common practice to install a second lay-over on top of the first or second layer. Shingle manufacturers have changed a lot over the years & will no longer warranty shingles if that is done. There are a slew of negative issues with installing multiple layers & they do not out-weighs the low cost of doing the “lay-over”. We always strip all of the old felt & shingles off before installing the new roof. In addition, we take plenty of pics for the homeowner to see the condition of the wooden roof decking & replace any rotted or bad wood. Here are a few pics of rot that we frequently encounter. If we just did a lay-over, the nails would not anchor into the rotted wood. Contact us for a free estimate


Remove all old roofing materials before the new roof is installed. Re-nail loose wood & replace any bad or rotted wood for a solid sound deck.