How to Tell If You Need Roof Repair or Replacement

How to Tell If You Need Roof Repair or Replacement

How do you decide between roof repair or replacement?

If you’re having problems with your roof, you’re probably wondering whether to get it repaired or replaced. The good news is that it may be easier to make that decision than you thought. Here are a few tips that can help you make the right call.

Know What Types of Roof Repairs You’ll Need to Make

It’s important to be familiar with the type of roof repairs that you’ll need in order to determine whether or not the roof can be fixed. This guide will give you a good sense of when you’re going to need a new roof

Situations When You Cannot Fix the Roof You Already Have

While every homeowner wants to reduce the immediate cost of any repair, it’s important to realize that there are cases where you won’t be able to fix what’s wrong with your roof without replacing it. These are a few of the most common examples of situations where your roof probably cannot be fixed with a simple repair:

  • Large holes in the roof or chimney
  • Issues on an area of your roof that isn’t easily accessible with a household ladder
  • Problems with the interior structure of your roof

Situations When You Can Get Your Roof Fixed

If the problems with your roof are relatively minor, there’s a good chance that it’ll be possible to repair it yourself. However, this varies considerably on a case by case basis. Here are a few examples of roof-related issues that usually can be fixed:

  • Shingle related problems, including missing or broken shingles
  • Problems that are related to the chimney flashing
  • Changes that need to be made to the flashing around attic windows
  • Issues with the sealant that is used on different parts of your roof
  • Damage to your roof from high winds or other environmental conditions
  • Problems that impact the appearance of the roof, such as chipped paint or rust on a metal roof

Warning Signs That You Need a New Roof Fast

If your roof is leaking, this means that you need to get it fixed as fast as possible. A leaking roof can cause damage that would cost much more than roof replacement alarmingly fast. Many of the signs that it’s important to get your roof replaced in short order are related to indications of water leaking and seeping into the attic. Therefore, it’s important to be alert if you notice any of these problems:

  • Water spots on the ceiling
  • Mold growth in the walls
  • Areas of moisture and damp wood

In addition, you’ll need to carefully evaluate your roof after a major storm. A serious storm can rip numerous shingles off of a roof, which will necessitate an immediate repair. If this happens, it’s likely that you’ll need your roof replaced right away.