Siding Installation in West Chester, Mason & Nearby in Greater Cincinnati

Siding installation by Guaranteed Roofing

The right siding will bring out the full potential of your home’s exterior.

We install a variety of siding materials that will look beautiful while protecting your home

The siding on your home is used for protection as well as aesthetic appeal. It is the external shell of your house, and you want it to be properly maintained while providing an attractive appearance.

At Guaranteed Roofing, we offer quality services that will help repair and maintain your siding for years to come. We also offer new installations in the exact color and design specifications you desire.

Get the style and durability you’ve always wanted with the right siding company. Guaranteed Roofing’s services are available all throughout Ohio, including West Chester, Mason, Lebanon and nearby. Contact us to set up an estimate.

Different materials have different benefits

Choosing the right material depends on what you want and the degree of maintenance each material needs. Some materials tend to be lower maintenance than others.

  • Vinyl 

    This is probably the most durable option for the cost. Vinyl can provide you with the look of real wood without the cost and maintenance. This type of siding delivers excellent performance without the upkeep required by other materials. Vinyl also won’t peel, chip or rot and never needs to be re-painted.

  • Fiber Cement 

    Fiber cement can emulate any style of siding, such as cedar shingles, wood and stucco, without any of the drawbacks. It is completely resistant against fire, wind, bugs and wood rot. Fiber cement is also extremely durable and there is little to no maintenance required.

  • Stucco

    Stucco is made of an aggregate, binder and water, creating a dense, solid material that can be sculpted. It has been used on home exteriors for many years for its durability and its ability to match any design. Stucco can be applied in custom colors, providing a distinct, unique look for your home.

  • Stone and Brick Veneer

    When you want the beauty of brick and stonework without the expensive cost and difficulty of installation, consider veneer siding. Our stone and brick veneer siding options look like real stone and brickwork, with easier installation – at a fraction of the cost!

  • Wood 

    Wood has been a classic siding material for many years. It possesses remarkable beauty, especially cedar. Wood can withstand harsh weather conditions and can last much longer than other materials.

  • Steel 

    Steel is an exceptionally strong material, and is almost completely resistant to harsh impacts. It also comes in a variety of colors and textures, including wood-grain. The most desirable characteristic of steel siding, however, is its complete fire resistance.

  • Aluminum 

    Aluminum siding is the perfect combination of strength and efficiency. It is both completely resistant to fire damage, and its enamel coating can mimic other siding materials.


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We offer all of these materials at Guaranteed Roofing. Our professionals deliver quality craftsmanship for all jobs, large or small. Whether you need repairs or new siding installation, we are here to help. Our services are readily available in Blanchester, Hamilton, Middletown, Fairfield, Cincinnati, Dayton, Maineville and nearby areas. Please call or contact us online for an estimate!