Winter Roofing Tips: How to Prepare for the Cold

Winter Roofing Tips: How to Prepare for the Cold

With the emergence of new roofing materials, many roofs are estimated to last up to 25-50 years!

This number can be directly affected by your area’s climate and weather conditions, causing any damage or wear on the roof over time.

How can you prepare your roof for the upcoming winter? Where are the most vulnerable areas for damage? Are you at risk of leaks?

Keep reading to learn winter roofing tips to prepare and maintain your prized possession.

Clear the Area

Snow and ice weigh heavily on trees during the winter. This can cause a limb or the entire tree to fall at times. Clearing the area around your roof from any stray limbs or large trees that could fall on it is a key step in preventing this from happening. 

Clearing debris from the roof itself is also important because you don’t want leaves and small twigs to accumulate on the roof. These items clog gutters and make it difficult for ice and snow to properly drain off of the roof.

Address the Small Issues

Do you have an area that is missing a few shingles? Is there a small hole in your metal roof? Did you see a small leak forming in your bathroom?

When it comes to roof maintenance, no issue is too small to be ignored. You should be taking every small repair seriously. Don’t let a big storm turn that small issue into a big problem for your home. 

While the green look on your roof may not seem out of place, it is likely the start of algae growing. This means that there is enough moisture staying on your roof to foster the growth of bacteria. Starting to clean your roof regularly can help prevent this issue from getting worse in the future.

Checking your home for leaks, especially in rooms that you don’t use frequently, can help you spot the problem before it becomes a bigger problem down the road.

Talk About Roof Maintenance Tips With a Professional

Who better to get advice from than the professionals that install and repair roofs on a daily basis? 

We have received recognition for our work and have established ourselves as a leader in the area for roofing work. Our focus is on skilled craftsmanship, which can help prevent future roof issues down the road. 

We can help you determine if the minor leak that you have is going to turn into something bigger and prevent water damage to the interior of your home before it happens. 

Get Started Today

Now that you have read a few roof maintenance tips, you can start preparing for winter today. Schedule a free estimate with us today and we will come out to evaluate your roof and what needs to be done before the snow falls. We look forward to working with you!